RPT stands for Reference Point Therapy.


Reference Point Therapy was created by Simon & Evette Rose. Years of research, observation and experimentation went into creating this amazing technique. It was the inspiration from years of practicing and observing many different so called 'healing' techniques which quite simply failed to deliver effective and lasting results.

What is Reference Point Therapy?

Reference Point Therapy is a technique for personal transformation and growth. It allows you to make rapid and lasting changes to the way you feel about yourself, your life, your surroundings, your behaviour, your relationships and your cirumstances.

By changing the way you feel about yourself it allows for changes to occur in your everday environment, circumstances and interactions. You can begin to attract and live the kind of life YOU want. A life that's built on more filfillment, joy, health, security and happiness. A life that allows you to have more choices and freedom in your relationships, career and personal well-being.

The RPT Process

The Reference Point Therapy process is very simple. It is basically a guided conversation with the intention of realising and releasing whatever is anchoring in undesirable patterns of emotion, feelings and beliefs. The client is gently guided to the core of the issue being worked on to help release any memories or trauma the client is holding on to.

When the the release occurs, change is usually instant. Often, clients will wonder what all the fuss was about in the first place! Painful memories or traumatic incidents simply fade into the distance. Recalling them should no longer cause any pain or discomfort. The clearing usually helps the client reach a new level of understanding on the issue being addressed along with a renewed sense of lightness and inner peace.

More information about Reference Point Therapy can be found on the main RPT website.